The event that triggers the automation to start.
This is where you define how the automation will be triggered. There are three types of triggers: Time driven, on edit, and on form submission.

Choose a trigger type

Choose a trigger type
Time triggers include specific day and time, hour timer, day timer, week timer, and month timer. This type of trigger will trigger the automation at a specific time, or on a regular interval (each hour, each day, etc.)
On edit triggers include "Spreadsheet is edited", "A new row is inserted", and "A new column is inserted".
The form submission trigger will run when your spreadsheet has received a form submission. This trigger will only work when you have connected a Google Form with a spreadsheet.
Currently, you can only set up one automation with each one of the above-mentioned three types of triggers. For example, if you have created a "Spreadsheet is edited" trigger, which is a type of "On edit trigger" in one spreadsheet, you cannot create another on edit trigger, such as "A new row is inserted," in the same spreadsheet.
This is a Google limit and currently there are no workarounds. We are actively working to solve this issue.
Please refer to the above hint box if you see the following error message:
An error happened. Error message: Exception: This add-on has created too many time-based triggers in this document for this Google user account.


In the trigger step, you will be asked to choose a sheet (or worksheet) for the automation.
In most cases, this option will affect how the conditions you set to run the automation. For example, in the conditions step, if you choose a range condition and set the range as "A1," the app will look up the A1 range in the worksheet you have chosen in the trigger step.
If your trigger type is "A form response is received," you have to set the sheet here as the worksheet that is receiving form responses.