Automation overview
Logic Sheet Automation lets you automate your spreadsheets with action rules, which allow you to send notifications when editing or form submissions occurs or at designated times.
Automate your spreadsheet with Logic Sheet Automation. Logic Sheet lets you trigger specific actions on edit or on form submission, or at a specific time of day.
To set up an automation workflow in Logic Sheet, you need to set up the trigger, conditions (optional), and at least one action.
You can find all automations that you've created in one document from the Automation tab of the Logic Sheet sidebar.
Logic Sheet Automation in the sidebar
You can turn on or off each automation by clicking on the toggle bar of each automation. Automations that are turned off will not be deleted. You can activate them later when you want to.
To delete an automation, click on the Kebab menu near the toggle bar and choose "Delete." A pop-up will prompt to ask you if you want to delete the automation. Once you have confirmed deleting the automation, the sidebar will reload to make the deletion take effect.
To add a new automation, click the "New automation" button and you will see an automation builder prompt.
Logic Sheet Automation Builder
The best practice is to change the name of your automation workflow right after you have opened an automation builder. Click on the "New workflow" input bar to change the name of the automation.
To make a automation workflow, you need to go through Trigger, Conditions, and Actions.
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