Add connections
Add connections
In order for Logic Sheet to automatically talk to third-party apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, you must first connect those apps to Logic Sheet. This will give Logic Sheet secure access to send data to those apps.
On the action step of your automation builder, you can select a wide range of action types. But some actions need your authorization, such as Slack. You can not use those actions if you don't authorize them first.
Send a Slack message is disabled because Slack is not authorized
In order to connect to third-party services, click the "Add connections" button and you will see a page to connect to those services.
On the "Connect to services" page, you can have an overview of which apps you have authorized and which ones you haven't.
To authorize new apps, click "Connect" in the corresponding service. To disconnect apps that you already connected, click "Disconnect."


Connecting to Slack will give Logic Sheet authorization to send messages to any channel in your workspace. Logic Sheet will only send messages upon your request and will not send messages on its own.
Authorized scopes
  • Perform actions in channels & conversations. (Send messages to your channels as the Logic Sheet bot)
Logic Sheet messages in Slack
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