Actions to run when the automation is triggered.
Once an automation is triggered and the conditions are met, Logic Sheet will run actions that you have set in this step.
You need at least one action to make a complete automation. If no action is set, the automation will not run.

Add an action

Click the "Add an action" button and configure the action. Currently, we support the following types of actions.
  • Send an email, which will send an email from your Gmail account.
  • Send a Slack message, which will send a message to a specific channel in the Slack workspace you have authorized to.
  • Recalculate the current sheet, which will hard refresh the worksheet you chose in the trigger step and refresh the results of formulas set in the worksheet.

Remove an action

Click the close sign on the top right of each action form to remove an action.

Action run sequence

Actions will run sequentially if you choose multiple actions.